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Front of House


The role of the host(ess) is about more than just seating guests at a table.  A great hostess treats all guests with kindness and interest, ensures that staff has all the information they need for a great service, and keeps the flow of the restaurant smooth and balanced. We are looking for people who are passionate about customer service, who possess multi-tasking abilities, a warmth of spirit and grace under pressure. Day to day tasks will include greeting and seating guests, answering the phone, making reservations, maintaining menus, and more. The hostess stand is an ideal place to learn a restaurant and improve your organizational and communication skills.



Our bartenders provide friendly and exemplary service to each guest who comes up to the bar. Our bars also operate as a service bar for our restaurants, so keen time-management skills and focus are required to be able to fulfill orders from both the bar and the restaurant. Specific expectations of the bartender are as follows: be able to quickly and accurately prepare drinks for the entire restaurant and bar guests; possess knowledge of all food and drink served; keep the bar clean and stocked; maintain an accurate cash register and be able to account for all cash, charge receipts and any complimentary drinks. 



The ideal role for the early bird, baristas will be in charge of brewing coffee- and tea-based drinks for our guests. This is generally a fast-paced position, and multi-tasking and attention to detail are important skills. Baristas will be expected to be knowledgeable about restaurant pastries, as well as the drinks on the coffee and tea menu. We are looking for baristas with great customer service skills, who will be friendly and engaging with guests. 


This position is a busy one! As a busser/runner, your first priority is always to deliver food promptly from the kitchen to the guests. Organization is key, as bringing the correct food to the correct table and guest is of utmost importance.  Additionally, you will help keep the restaurant clean, by clearing and resetting tables during service (busing), and ensuring that all stations are kept neat and organized. Flexibility is crucial to this position, as you will provide the helping hands wherever needed, and must be able to quickly assess a situation and respond appropriately. Other tasks will include helping the kitchen staff and servers prepare for each service. 


As a server, you are expected to treat each guest as if they are being welcomed into your own home. To provide the best possible guest experience, you must be friendly and attentive, possess a comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge of all menus, and have excellent communication skills.  It is essential to the job that you are able to adjust to the needs of each guest, and be flexible and willing to go the extra mile. Additionally, you will maintain open communication with the kitchen and management staffs, keep the restaurant and work stations clean and organized, and always help where help is needed. 


Managers are expected to lead the food service team and ensure that the quality of the restaurant is reflected in each guest’s experience. As a manager, it is your responsibility to execute the highest level of guest satisfaction, staff support, and financial and operational performance. Specific management tasks include (but are not limited to) executing hiring and disciplinary practices; providing for a safe work environment; responding to any special requests or concerns from guests; providing training for staff and ensuring that standards of service are being met; overseeing operational expenses; and coordinating and running staff meetings. As a manager, you are the overseer of the whole operation. You provide the answers to the questions and the solutions to the problems.